by Oshni980

2018-11-17 23:24:47

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About life

by Pavi94

2018-11-17 23:24:44

“You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.” —Walter Hagen

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How Steve Jobs Started

by Kesara

2018-11-17 23:24:41

Apple just announced its first new product category since the iPad. And since Steve Jobs. Follow his life path to see how he learned to create and think like a genius.

How Steve Jobs Started – The Winding Path

As people around the world wondered if innovation at Apple had stopped with Steve Jobs, we want to share with you a snapshot of the genius’s life.

How did Steve Jobs start? His life story is not a straight line, but more like a winding path. From his early years it’s clear that Jobs had no grand plan in the beginning. His search for himself took Jobs through India, Buddhism, psychedelic use, attempts to become an astronaut and start a computer company in the Soviet Union.

However winding his path at time, Jobs did find inspiration and creativity in himself at certain periods of his life. If there is a pattern of creativity and genius that his life can

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Are you getting the sleep your body needs?

by Kesara

2018-11-17 12:57:39

Sleep difficulties are becoming increasingly common in today’s hectic, stressful world. A vicious cycle is often created, whereby increased anxiety and stress through the day make sleep elusive at night, and a lack of quality sleep contributes to stress and frayed nerves during the day. Over time this can take a significant toll on health and seriously undermine quality of life.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, these could be contributing factors:

  • Expecting to have difficulty sleeping and worrying about it

  • Ingesting excessive amounts of caffeine

  • Drinking alcohol before bedtime

  • Excessive napping in the afternoon or evening

  • Smoking cigarettes before bedtime

  • Irregular or continually disrupted sleep/wake schedules

If you have trouble falling

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Best Motivational Speech For Students

by Kesara

2018-11-17 21:08:06

Every day I do my work with great enthusiasm. But sometimes I feel my energy level down and become frustrated.  

I can’t concentrate on my work and feel demotivated. It hasn’t happened to you or me only, most people are undergoing through this situation.

In this age, we are taking participation in a race, race for fast money, fast job . We don’t know what is the end point. Just we have to compete others at any cost and anyhow.

This is the main motive of everyone. And we become associated with stress, health problems due to overnight work pressure, target unfulfillment etc.

This frustration permeates if you are not getting success in your work or due to illness, overwork . So I am gonna mention the best motivational speech for students to come out of this frustration and stay motivated. 

It will be really helpful to you and if you follow the rule

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